Stove on the Sidewalk

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I saw this old-fashioned stove, carefully wrapped in plastic, just sitting out on a stoop in my neighboorhood. It seems like someone must have ordered a fixed-up old stove for their new kitchen? If it was on the way out, it wouldn't be wrapped so perfectly.

Look at this thing. Is that four ovens? Does anyone know more about this stove?

I first saw it early in the morning the day before Halloween. There was dew clinging to the plastic, so it looked a little ghostly or haunted. A while back, there must have been someone who treasured this stove when it was new, and then someone else who couldn't wait to be rid of it and get something more modern.

And now it seems like it will get pride of place again in someone's brownstone on Sterling Place. Dare me to knock on their door and ask to see their new kitchen?

A little farther down my street, an old sink is still chained down.


Another bunch of NYC food bloggers

Vanessa of Vanesscipes read about the NYC Food Blogger Pickle Party we had at my apartment on Saturday and told me that Habeas Brulee hosted a food blogger pot-luck a few weeks back and started a mailing list for NYC food bloggers.

Hopefully both groups can get together for a bigger event sometime!


Kee's Chocolates from Cravings

Cynthia, the wine and champage editor from Cravings, brought a box of truffles from Kee's Chocolates.

Chocolate shops are popping up all over the city: chocolate drinks, luxe truffles and all that. I have to admit, I hadn't seen the reason for all the fuss. Sure, an occasional mocha is a good thing. And last Christmas, I got a box of chile chocolates from Jacques Torres that I liked.

But, after tasting these Black Sesame truffles, now I have a new craving.

"They're just so clean," Cynthia said.

Yes, clean is why these chocolates are different and so special. There's a pristine mouth-feel that reminds me of sushi and not just becasue of the black and white sesame seed crust.

* * *

Grocery Guy says "however weird people who read food blogs are, people who write them are even weirder." CQ noticed that it had to be a NYC crowd becasue almost everyone had black glasses.

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food blogger party, centerpiece
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Smitten, thanks for posting your great pictures so quick!

Thank You, Wheelhouse Pickles

Pshew! So many bloggers and so many pickles. It was excellent to meet so many new friends: NYC food bloggers, local food store owners and food blog fans.

I think we had more than 35 people here tonight.

A huge thank you to Jon from Wheelhouse Pickles for cooking the food and providing all the pickles. Thank you Stinky Brooklyn and Smith and Vine for the cheese and the introduction to the 50/50 Martini.

Thanks also to Ann and The Boy from A Chicken in Every Grannycart for gathering the crowd.

I'd like to collect a list of all the bloggers and guests who were here tonight, so if you were, please speak up and post a comment so we can have a link to your site. If you took pictures tonight and are posting them, let us know where we can look too.

Good night and thanks, Chris and R*.