Skywriting, Watercress, and Monks

Sky Writing: NY and London

I was at a day long meeting down on Varick Street today. I snuck outside for lunch, looked up and saw planes drawing: N Y - L O N D . . . It was "New York" and "London" -- two favorite/favourite cities for me and R*.

Pretty good picture for a camera phone, I thought. (It was an ad for EOS airline.)

Speaking of the Brits and trying to stick to the cooking theme of my blog, I've wrote two posts this week about watercress, a very British veg, over at Apartment Therapy: Kitchen. I learned that some say eating a whole bag of watercress is a good hangover cure and I shared my recipe for steamed spinach and watercress as inspired by the Holy Cross monks.

Mom and I are spending Memorial Day weekend with the monks. Looking forward to it.

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