Kee's Chocolates from Cravings

Cynthia, the wine and champage editor from Cravings, brought a box of truffles from Kee's Chocolates.

Chocolate shops are popping up all over the city: chocolate drinks, luxe truffles and all that. I have to admit, I hadn't seen the reason for all the fuss. Sure, an occasional mocha is a good thing. And last Christmas, I got a box of chile chocolates from Jacques Torres that I liked.

But, after tasting these Black Sesame truffles, now I have a new craving.

"They're just so clean," Cynthia said.

Yes, clean is why these chocolates are different and so special. There's a pristine mouth-feel that reminds me of sushi and not just becasue of the black and white sesame seed crust.

* * *

Grocery Guy says "however weird people who read food blogs are, people who write them are even weirder." CQ noticed that it had to be a NYC crowd becasue almost everyone had black glasses.


Blogger Rachel said...

Now I really want one of those truffles! Maybe when I am in NYC this weekend...

8:54 AM  

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