Don't eat bagged spinach

The FDA warns U.S. consumers not to eat bagged spinach. Bagged spinach has been traced to E. coli, causing illness and one death.

I never liked those pre-bagged salads though I have been known to use them to get a weekday meal out fast. Now I'll steer clear.


[Link] The butchers of New York

This week New York magazine takes a butchers at, well, butchers. Check out their feature here. They provide recommendations for butcher shops across New York City and share cooking tips from butchers. According to this story, supermarket butchers buy blood by the gallon to "redden everything up so it looks nice."

The editors at New York are right. I'm never sure what to buy, what to ask when I'm at the butcher. The article has unique photos by Hans Gissinger; his pictures look much better in the print magazine than the online version. Take a look at the series of sausage photos on his website too.

This picture is an aged steak, a T-bone I think, I had this summer from the butcher in Grand Central Market.


I love New York

Here's a picture from Times Square during the evening rush hour tonight.

As soon as I got home to Brooklyn tonight, I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, a soothing end to a sad day. This is the recipe I used. I think it is the same one my family has used since I was a kid.

Sam from Becks and Posh has a round up of what other food bloggers were thnking about and cooking today.