Stove on the Sidewalk

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I saw this old-fashioned stove, carefully wrapped in plastic, just sitting out on a stoop in my neighboorhood. It seems like someone must have ordered a fixed-up old stove for their new kitchen? If it was on the way out, it wouldn't be wrapped so perfectly.

Look at this thing. Is that four ovens? Does anyone know more about this stove?

I first saw it early in the morning the day before Halloween. There was dew clinging to the plastic, so it looked a little ghostly or haunted. A while back, there must have been someone who treasured this stove when it was new, and then someone else who couldn't wait to be rid of it and get something more modern.

And now it seems like it will get pride of place again in someone's brownstone on Sterling Place. Dare me to knock on their door and ask to see their new kitchen?

A little farther down my street, an old sink is still chained down.


Blogger Rachel said...

I think it is a double stove with one of those broilers behind a little door. A lot of old stoves were set up like that.

2:56 PM  

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