My paper towels tell me fall is here

I don't like paper towels with print on them. I do not like paper towels with orange leaves or green trees or blue cross-stitch hearts or butterflies and ladbybugs or any of the rest of it. Mary Engelbreit designed paper towels seem strangest of all.

What a depressing way to start thinking about the change in seasons. Happy September!


Suggestions for breakfast in Las Vegas?

R* is going to Las Vegas next week for a conference. Inspired a bit by Ann Patchett and Maria Kalman stories about hiding in a nice hotel and dreamy breakfasts in the August supplement of Gourmet, I decided I'd join R* in Vegas, baby.

Each morning, R* will wake up early and head out to his business meetings. While he's away, I want to go to some amazing, quiet, cheap, unique Vegas breakfasts. I'm thinking $3.99 steak and eggs at the Flamingo like I've had before (how can I get ahold of their welcome book with the cheap breakfast coupon, since we're not staying there this time), maybe a croissant and jam, and then definitely room service one morning.

I'm going to start by reading these suggestions from Mr. Breakfast and 10best, but I thought a reader might have Las Vegas breakfast suggestions? And if I can find wireless connections, I'll take pictures and blog my Vegas breakfasts.


Trying to perfect poached eggs

While I rely on speedy scrambled eggs cooked softly to get breakfast on the table quickly, poached eggs on wheat toast with butter on top are my favorite. I love how my mom makes them, but I can't duplicate it. My mom was just here for the long weekend, I should have asked her for a lesson.

I tried to make poached eggs this morning and they were decent, but not like moms. When I make poached eggs, the whites are foamy or rubbery. The yolks aren't dependably soft either.

Somewhere I heard the tip of putting a bit of white vinegar in the poaching water. Though I know my mom doesn't put vinegar in the water when she poaches eggs in a small frying pan, I tried the tip this morning. The white vinegar did stop the whites from running all over the pan. Though the smell of boiling vinegar isn't appealing first thing in the morning, I was glad I couldn't taste the vinegar in the eggs.

After we ate our eggs, R* said he'd use a poaching pan. Does anyone else use a poaching pan? Any other poached eggs tips? I think I used much too big of a pan this time, right?