Suggestions for breakfast in Las Vegas?

R* is going to Las Vegas next week for a conference. Inspired a bit by Ann Patchett and Maria Kalman stories about hiding in a nice hotel and dreamy breakfasts in the August supplement of Gourmet, I decided I'd join R* in Vegas, baby.

Each morning, R* will wake up early and head out to his business meetings. While he's away, I want to go to some amazing, quiet, cheap, unique Vegas breakfasts. I'm thinking $3.99 steak and eggs at the Flamingo like I've had before (how can I get ahold of their welcome book with the cheap breakfast coupon, since we're not staying there this time), maybe a croissant and jam, and then definitely room service one morning.

I'm going to start by reading these suggestions from Mr. Breakfast and 10best, but I thought a reader might have Las Vegas breakfast suggestions? And if I can find wireless connections, I'll take pictures and blog my Vegas breakfasts.


Blogger Amy Sherman said...

The buffet breakfast athe Bellagio is supposed to be very good...

7:45 PM  

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