Tour the offices of Martha Stewart Living

R* and I got to take a behind the scenes look at the offices of Martha Stewart Living. I posted a photo tour over at my Apartment Therapy Kitchen gig. Check it out! We got some great pictures of the test kitchen and the clearstory space.

And here's a post about the day R* and I went to Martha's talk show.


Blogger redshoz999 said...

Not only did Martha let you be in her studio audience twice, she let you peek inside her work space. Clearly, she hates me and loves you. I think she knows that I keep dirty dishes in the sink for multiple days, and therefore does not want anything to do with me. Maybe my karma would be better if I subscribed to Living.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Maybe you should tell Martha you named your cat after her?

6:45 PM  

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