Sometimes, rarely, never: the answer

My friend Two emailed today, reminding me to post the answer to the question I asked here.

The answer is this: The picture is a detail from a photo I took inside the 8th Street subway station, home of the R and N trains, or the Rarely and the Never as I like to call them, in a nod to their service frequency. After graduation, I lived in a $600 one bedroom on the last stop on the R train in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. I bumped along on that slow train all the way to work in Soho. Little did I know that R* also lived in Bay Ridge at the same time, just a few blocks away.

My photo shows a mosaic of a grup hanging out by the produce stand. It caught my eye because its art that captures guys, the grup and the shop keeper dressed in brown, in a home cookingish setting. I thought it was interesting because (outside of the celebrity chef universe) we more often see women, like the one in green, in these pictures.

The art goes along with the post I wrote for AT:Kitchen where I wondered if 8th Street could become a new zone for the city's home cooks.


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