[Link] Bill Buford on the Food Network

Here's an detailed, well researched article about the Food Network by Bill Buford. He explains that many chefs are leaving the Food Network line up in favor of hot personalities.

I'm reading Craig Claiborne's memoir right now; Craig Claiborne was a 'gay American' and was a food editor at The NY Times. His book has made me very curious to learning more about famous (or semi-famous) gay guys who work in the world of food and food media. Buford gives us this little bit on Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh, hosts of the Party Line:

“We are a gay couple,” they’d announced on their audition video, “and you should really think about that, because the gays right now, they’re hot.” They are from Chicago—actors who started a catering business—with a low-wattage repartee (on dirty dishes: “We have people for that. We call him Dan”) and an anachronistic, almost blithely oblivious aesthetic: their meals seem like something someone’s parents once ate, a campy “Joy of Cooking,” or a display at a MOMA exhibit.

I haven't seen Party Line yet, have you?

I have seen Guys Big Bite. . . and the show bites. Guy beat out my pick Nathan Lyon and went on to win the second Food Network star search. Dan and Steve pulled a Richard Hatch and won the first season.


Blogger Amy Sherman said...

I so wanted Nathan to win I voted for him twice! I understand the appeal of Guy and when I met him he was perfectly nice, but lordy his food is so not my style!

I actually saw the episode where Dan and Steve made this big deal about how you should never hire your caterer to put together a vegetable basket because it's just so easy! What a joke. The final thing must have taken hours and many a food stylist. Who did they think they were kidding?I lost all respect for them in an instant.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous CuriousDude said...

What did I just read!

10:51 PM  

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