Martha and Madhur Live!

R* and I took a morning off work today to go to a live taping of the Martha Show. The most interesting thing I learned (okay, besides watching a soap star learn how to propagate begonias) was that mustard seeds are the "Jekyll and Hyde" of the spice word, according to Madhur Jaffrey. She quickly explained that when ground mustard seeds are very pungent, but if the seeds are dropped into hot oil and left to pop they taste nutty and sweet. Black mustard seeds popped in hot oil are the foundation for the Green Lentils with Lemon Slices that they cooked on the show.

Madhur Jaffrey is considered the "Martha Stewart of Europe for Indian Food" plus she's acting in an upcoming Law and Order episode. Everyone in the audience got a copy of Madhur's Simple Indian Cookery. The concept for this BBC cookbook is that Indian food can be simplified while still remaining true to the India's traditions and flavors. I loved the luxurious amount of spices they used in the broiled fish. If I had tumeric in my spice drawer, I'd make this tonight with some cod I have in the freezer. I'll stock up on spices and report back.


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