Holiday Party #2: 57 invitations and 650 square feet

R* and I sent out the Evite to our holiday party last night . . . I was worried people might think we're thinking too far ahead, but a couple of people have already emailed back and said they'd accepted other invitations for parties that night. There was a review of the this year's Radio City Christmas Spectacular in the Times today. So we're right on time.

We've invited 57 family and friends and their guests. We both love our holiday party and are already emailing back and forth with plans and ideas. We'll serve appetizer and then a light supper and then some desserts and of course cocktails all the way.

Depending on how the RSVPs come in, and we're hoping everyone can make it, this could be the biggest event we've ever hosted in the apartment.

For the supper, we're thinking turkey and mashed potatoes as we did last year. Mashed potatoes for a big crew is fine -- I mash them up in the standing mixer and then keep them warm in the crock pot. I might make one big turkey and then one or two turkey breasts too.

I'm really excited for the challenge of cooking well for this large of a crowd. If you have any suggestions on apartment cooking for large groups, please comment here.

In the elevator at work today, one guy was bragging to his co-worker about his "huge" Thanksgiving party. From what I could gather, he has a large house on Long Island. He's having 28 people!

I should have asked him to come to Brooklyn to see our holiday party for 40-50 in our small one bedroom!


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