My poor big red pot

I heard from more people about my St. Patrick's Day post than another other post, so thanks for those.

Tonight, I wanted to share the not-so-good side of the story. Look what steaming the potatoes, cabbage and carrots did to my favorite pot.

I still can't figure out what went wrong. I thought I put in enough water to keep the whole pot steaming away. The lid was pretty tight and I added extra water a couple of times.

Is it that starches from the potato burned the bottom? Or sugar from the cabbage caused this to burn? Or is it just that I had to be more vigilant about adding water? Anyone know what I did wrong?

It's been a couple of weeks since this happened. Since then I've been scrubbing gently at it and runnin it through the pot cycle of the dishwasher. I realized that if I scrub too hard, the enamel chips.


Anonymous ann said...

how long did you steam the vege for? it might have burned the enamel?
this happened to my big red pot, but it was with a braise, and the goop never came off, so i sent her out to pasture and bought myself a new, really, REALLY heavy bottomed steel stock pot that has served me really well
good luck! and be thankful you have a dishwasher!

9:37 PM  

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