I love Edy's lemonade Fruit Bars

Last night, walking home from the subway, my lemon craving took me over and wouldn't let go. I had to have an Edy's lemonade fruit bar popsicle. I ran to the grocery store -- hoping they would still be open -- and went straight to the frozen case. I saw what looked like a fresh shipment of Edy's. I saw Edy's Grape, Coconut, mixed berry flavors, Lime, Tangerine, but where was my favorite flavor lemonade?!?

I'll admit it. I dug into the freezer case, shuffled the other flavors around because sometimes the lemonade gets hidden behind the other flavors. No such luck.

I think my lemon craving was rooted in a post I read on Chocolate and zucchini about lemon curd earlier in the day.

Here's an email I sent to Edy's last night:

Hi Edy's,

I wanted to let you know that I am completely addicted to your Lemonade Fruit Bars, but they are all but impossible to find in my area. There are two grocery stores in my area that carry your fruit bars, but the Lemonade flavor always sells out. When I see them in the store, I stockpile and buy three or four boxes at once.

Our grocery stores in Brooklyn are so small. I bet they don't restock with your products all that often. The strawberry, grape, coconut and tangerine flavors are always there, but there is never enough lemonade. I've tried the tangerine in the past and it was okay -- with a taste very true to that of a real tangerine -- but I am not a big fan of tangerine. Last night, I bought a box of lime flavor and I had one (ok, I had two!) and they were pretty good. The flavor reminds me of a refreshing margarita, but still, nothing comes close to the Lemonade flavor.

I'm going to try Pathmark next since the store locator on your site says they carry the Lemonade flavor. I hope so.

Summer's about to start. Please send more lemonade flavor to your fans in Brooklyn!

Thank you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shit! I love it too. The stores in NC are also woefully inadequate in supplying this delicious concoction. They carried it for about a month, just to tease me. Then, nada.

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed one (sometimes two) of the Lemon Bars every night for the last 6 months. They have helped me with my cravings for sweets at night. This past year I lost 45lbs. Thanks Edy's for making such a delicious low calorie bar! RC in North Carolina...

8:30 PM  

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