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Sears is a little late to the professional appliance party. Long after Wolf, Viking, Blue Star have issued pseudo-professional lines for home use, here's the Kenmore entry.

I have a Kenmore Elite electric stove in my newly re-done kitchen. Reading the announcement about the new Kenmore Pro line in the New York Times this morning made me re-visit the decision I made last summer to go with a Kenmore Elite stove.

I am reasonably satisfied with my Kenmore's oven features, including a convection mode and the warming drawer, but the stovetop has a lot to be desired. My stove's ceramic-glass top lost its show room shine after I cooked with it just one time and, though I am not the most tidy cook, I think it is difficult to keep the stove top just passably clean. It is also takes a long time to get hot.

I chose the Kenmore line because it was recommended by Consumer Reports. My mom didn't think the Sears stove was a wise move . . . and she was right.

I can't help but to be a little bit annoyed since I bet that means they aren't making my stove anymore, so my new kitchen is already starting to get outdated, but maybe I should be happy I don't have the uber-industrial look?

If professional styled appliances will now be avilalbe for everyone at Sears will the high-style kitchen crowd start to move away from the restaurant kitchen look?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Kenmore Elite line is not going anywhere and your stoves current design will not be changed for some time to come. The Kenmore Pro line is only going to be offering one range, a duel fuel that looks to be made by DCS. It will retail for $4,000. The rest of the line will be filled out by wall ovens, cooktops and high-end refrigeration. This small niche is to be positioned high above the current Elite line, which isn't going anywhere.

The main problem with your Elite range and many of the Kenmore products today is that they are made by Electrolux, ie: Frigidaire. Frigidiare remains a lower cost material manufacturer who uses lower grade materials for things such as glass tops, paint, racks and elements. Both Whirlpool and GE have backed away from Kenmore because of higher production costs and their unwillingness to cut corners with their product b/c Kenmore wants a lower retail cost. As each model year goes by, more and more products are changing over to Frigidiare, where today almost all cooking for Kenmore is manufactured by them and over half of the refrigeration line up.

Next time I would highly suggest a GE or GE Profile range. Higher quality materials and more substatial element sizes and wattage will provide years of excellent cooking results. Pilsbury National Bake Off will only use GE ranges, and thats without any sponsorship by GE. Just check out Alton Brown and see why he will only use GE Profile.

5:13 PM  
Blogger Haggulator said...

hi there - had the same problem - but you can buff it out with cleaners. check this post: http://www.epinions.com/content_150777138820

9:22 PM  
Anonymous tl said...

Does anyone have any comments about the Kenmore Pro before I commit to purchasing? Wondering which is better the Pro or the GE Profile?

1:53 PM  
Blogger Corey said...

I am an appliance salesman and I would advise if you want Pro appliances go with Viking, Sub-Zero, Wolf, DCS, or Thermador. Yes some of those manufactuers might make products for sears i.e. Kenmore, but why not buy the companies original product they are easier to service and more information is available online with the original manufactuers model number, not to mention easier to find. Overall not go with a fake, go with the original.

12:17 PM  
Blogger Corey said...

Sorry forgot to mention GE Monogram has a beautiful selection as well

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cory, How is it easier to find service for one of the others over Kenmore Pro? I have always had excellent response from the sears service department, especially on their own products and they usually have a full protection warranty. Wouldn't purchasing one of the others just mean the hassle of having to hire an independent serviceman and recoup on a reciept?

4:59 PM  
Blogger beautifullydone said...

I don't like GE, I purchased a dishwasher by GE from Sears a few years ago $800.00 dish washer, a Profile high end product based on the price, the dishwasher was white with the beautiful handle, that curves, abd the stainless steel inside, a was of money, it rusted, and a bubble that looks like a skin rash begin to form and the rist around it on the outside, heartbreaking, consider my house is only 8 years old and the dishwaher that can with the house is till in perfect condition, becase I gave it to a friend, that could not belieive what was going on with my big dollar dishwasher!I contac ted GE directly to have the door replaced, and they said is is over $600.00 I would have to pay them to get a new door, and that does not include installed !!!, now how did i feel, how did my husband feel about this complete waste of money, I must mention that the racks also melted, to and bottom, they replaced those for free, wow! So, Back to Sears, Kenmore Pro, Stove, and refrigerator, over to best buy for LG top of line diswasher, and Keva for Jenn-Air built in Microwave! Never want to own another GE Product again! Never!

2:22 PM  
Blogger beautifullydone said...

I love my Kenmore Pro Stove, and Refrigerator! See my kitchen on HGTV's Rate My Space, type Kitchens, then type Maxine in the search by keyword, line. or Google me on my blog at: www.happilyeverafterhome.blogspot.com, the follow the link to my favorite kitchen. Sorry my last blog was typed in poorly, I was rushing! I hate GE, because I invested in their high end dishwasher, and as a defect on the products part, it rusted on the door, and when I contacted the company, they said to replace the door cost $600.00 or more, It does not make sense for a $800.00, that I would still have right now, if that one would not have rusted.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We put GE Profile in our house, microwave, fridge, range and dishwasher. The microwave doesn't heat as well as a cheap microwave that sits on the counter, the handle has broken twice $75.00 a pop now we just have to use it without a handle, I refuse to pay for replacement #3. The range...We sold our house and the buyers wanted appliances. Thinking we had the best of the best with GE we went to Lowes and bought the cheapest stainless range we could to put in for the buyers this range heated so much better and quicker than the GE it was unbelievable. The convection fan is so big you can't even cook a large pizza without smashing it into the fan. The fridge, it's been...ok, the ice maker jams in the door from time to time, if you don't get all the pieces out when it happens it melts nicely and runs down the door onto the floor. The dishwasher, hated it so bad we gave it to the in-laws and replaced it with a Kenmore. The dishwasher was so loud we couldn't watch tv or even have a conversation while it was running. GE looks nice, but it's really not worth the money.

7:32 PM  

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