Fairway now open in Red Hook, Brooklyn

UPDATE: Click here for my review of the Red Hook Fairway.

According to The New York Times, the new Fairway grocery store in Red Hook opens today. Neither the Fairway Web site nor the Times article say how late they are open though, so I'm not sure if I'm going to trekk all the way there after work tonight.

And what a trek. Now, I live in Brooklyn and love Brooklyn and I confess to being a grocery shopping addict. I'm willing to lug bags full of Trader Joe's food home from Union Square on the subway and I faithfully endured all the eccentricities of the Park Slope Food Co Op for two years, but this new Fairway might be where I draw the line. Taking a boat or taking the subway to the bus to go to a grocery store just might be too much.

I'll try this commute at least once though, especially since the store looks so great. And I'll take some pictures and reports back.

If the 52,000 square feet store really is that hard to get to by public transportation, at least the lines shouldn't be too bad.


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