[Links] "Don't Cry for Me, Sausage Pizza"

R* and I have been waiting for this for months! Tonight we're going to see Madonna at the Garden.

Searching for a connection between me seeing Madonna live for the first time and my food blig, I found this: "Do you want divas with that?" via The Amateur Gourmet. The post, written by a fellow Brooklynite, is about two guys on a road trip dreaming about opening a pizza place in the Village, where every pie is themed on Madonna hits. Check it out!

My favorite:
Ray of Lite (Whole wheat crust, soy cheese, spinach, broccoli, grilled chicken)


Blogger Mark Blankenship said...

Hey Chris,

Thanks so much for linking to my post about the Madonna pizzeria! Your blog looks great.



5:54 PM  

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