[StovePoll] Where do most of your recipes come from?

I thought ElectricStove polls might be a fun way for me and my blog readers to learn more about each other. Having my own blog has suddently made me very interested in the World Of Web 2.0 and coding and widgets. I thought I'd test out Majik to see how it works for polls. Let me know in the comments section if the poll and the voting buttons are not showing up for you.

Please vote in the poll and then comment on all things poll-ish. So if you think polls are a fun thing to have on the blog, if the poll shows up correctly on your computer, or maybe you have some ideas for a future poll. Let me know.

Enjoy the weekend . . . I'm heading off to the Grand Army Plaza farmer's market first thing tomorrow morning. I'll post about what I find. What are you up to this weekend food wise?


Blogger Gabriella True said...

great poll!!

very interesting.

1:04 AM  
Anonymous ann said...

i said other because mainly i just wing it as i'm cookin' along
sometimes i'll get an ide and then check some books or magazines for back up, but mainly, they all spring from my slightly crazy brain :-)
have fun at the market chris!

9:42 AM  

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