Murray Hill Steak Out

One of the hardest parts of starting a new job is finding new lunch places. Places that have a fair price, pretty short lines, interesting food that break up the day a ltitle. I headed out today determined to find something great. A co-worker suggested that -- if I wasn't up for the cheap sushi place -- I walk down Third Avenue and check out all the places.

There were a bunch of pubs packed with people watching the World Cup (cmon England!) and a Patsy's Pizza. I almost went for the pizza, but I wasn't up for $12 for a small pie.

Then I found a tiny place with a window full of solid reviews and a delicious smell: Carl's Steaks.
I was sort of hunting for a make-your-own salad place, a standard part of work week lunches in my last job and I wasn't even too excited for a cheesteak after spending a good part of the weekend grilling hamburgers for a church picnic, but I decided to go for it.

I got a cheesesteak with provelone cheese and onions with a fountain Coke. This is the perfect sandwhich, the hoagie rolls was the right mix of moist with a crunchy crust, the onions were nicely gilled and the meat had lots of flavor. The cheese was nicely melted on top. Best of all there wasn't a lot of extra crap in the sandwhich. They don't need to hide the meat becasue it's so good. I also had forgotten how good a fountain Coke is, lots of ice served in a waxy paper cup. I think fountain soda tastes much better.

Weirdly Carl's long, narrow restaurant kind of feels like a barber shop. The all-male clientle was watching Wold Cup on two loud TVs. I didn't mind since I'm curious about soccer/football after my trip to the UK, plus the sandwhich took my whole attention.

After coming back the office, I did a quick Google to see what other people are saying about the place. They said that the biggest problem is that you get back to the office smelling like a cheesesteak. I didn't even notice, that's how good my cheesesteak is.

When I tell people I grew up in Pennsylvania, they sometimes ask me what my favorite Philly cheesestake place is. For now, I can say it's in Murray Hill.


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